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  • Clandestine Bat Heart – Black Zipped Hoodie

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  • Hoodies are the perfect choice to wear when going out for relaxing walks after dark, so it only makes sense to sport a hoodie that depicts the iconic nocturnal creature: the bat. Bats are famous for being prowlers of the night, which makes these bat hoodies a no-brainer if you need a new main sweatshirt to bring on your excursions after dark.

    One of the lucky things about choosing a bat hoodie is that there are so many different ways to artistically portray bats. They are a small and simple animal that can be designed in a wide variety of ways. They’re wings are part of what makes them one of the most easily recognizable wild animals on Earth. Owning a snug hoodie that represents this classic animal would be a true joy, especially for people who are already fans of these nocturnal creatures.

    Concerning the hoodies themselves, they are made out of exceptionally high quality materials. These hoodies are made with a hybrid of fleece cotton and polyester. This makeup gives you the best of both worlds with a hoodie that is not only durable but soft on the skin as well. These hoodies are designed to be your main sweatshirt of choice, a reliable piece of clothing that will not only last you years but will likely become your new main hoodie of choice.

    It doesn’t matter how tall or old you are as there is guaranteed to be a size that fits you. With five sizes ranging from small to 2XL, six different base colors that each bat hoodie can be colored with and additional options like having the bat design printed on the front or the back, plus varying styles with front pouches, drawstrings or zippers, it’s easy to select the perfect bat hoodie based off your own preferences.

    The bat graphics on these hoodies are just as high quality as the hoodies themselves. You can rest assured that these are wash-proof graphics and will not fade even after many years of cold washing.

    Whether you’re looking for a cute and simple depiction of a bat or something that’s a little more edgy, the perfect bat hoodie is just waiting to be picked up by you.