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  • Boston Terrier in a Red Hoodie Pullover Sweatshirt

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  • Any self-identifying dog person needs to do themselves a huge favor and pick up one of these adorable dog hoodies as soon as possible. Dogs have been man’s best friend for so many years that it’s impossible to say for how long exactly that’s been true. Whether you’re a fan of golden retrievers, pugs, Boston terriers or German shepherds, there’s bound to be a breed of canine on one of these dog hoodies that you will find irresistible.

    Because there are so many different breeds of dogs in real life with so many diverse looks, these dog hoodies end up being just as varied if not more so. Everyone loves imagining dogs in different situations and wearing a variety of items. Ever wondered what a dog with a space helmet would look like? How about a dog with bunny ears? Now let’s really blow your mind – how about a dog hoodie that portrays a dog wearing its own hoodie? The possibilities are endless.

    These dog hoodies are not just cute or easy on the eyes but they’re just as easy on your skin. All of these dog hoodies are made with a hybrid blend of cotton, fleece and polyester. This optimal combination makes these hoodies durable and comfortable. These are not the kind of sweatshirts that you’ll end up throwing away after a year or so.

    These high quality clothing items are designed to last a long time. That means that if you end up getting yourself an all new dog hoodie, it could very well end up being your main hoodie of choice for many years down the line. Make sure you pick a design that you know you’ll love forever!

    Not only are these hoodies high quality but they come in a variety of options. There are five different sizes, print location options, and several base colors to select the color of the main fabric. You can make your hoodie blue or gray, or make it a tight fit or a baggy one.

    Dogs are known for being complex emotional creatures, and these dog hoodies do a phenomenal job of capturing that part of them. Whether you want something that is cute, energetic, funny or pensive, there will be a dog sweater that has exactly what you are looking for.