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  • Fatal Reunion Hoodie

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  • Fall is not only the season of windy days and falling leaves, but of Halloween as well. As a matter of fact, Halloween is many people’s number one reason why fall is their favorite season, so why not get yourself a hoodie with an intricate graphic design that carries the spirit of Halloween with it?

    These horror hoodies are very versatile as they come in a whopping eight different sizes: S, M, L, X, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL and lastly 5XL. They are designed to be versatile as they will easily fit both sexes and still be a great fit for nearly anyone regardless of their height, weight, or age.

    The horror hoodies can also be selected among one of four different styles. You can opt for the classic style, one with a zip, a lightweight hoodie or a lightweight style that also has a zip.

    The customization doesn’t stop there though. Each graphic horror design can be complimented with a base color of your choosing of one out of six different options. With charcoal heather, red heather, vintage grape, gray, navy, and black, you’ll easily be able to pair up the color that suits your preferences and the design you choose for the best match.

    As far as the materials go, these hoodies are made with a blend of cotton and polyester. This hybrid approach is considered the optimal way by many people because it combines the best of both worlds. Cotton makes the interior of the hoodie soft and easy on the skin, whereas polyester makes the hoodie durable. The lightweight options of these hoodies actually get softer over time, and as long as you wash them in cold water, these intricate spooky designs will not fade.

    Speaking of which, these horror designs really are creepy and awesome. There’s enough variety here to appeal to just about any horror buff. Whether you’re into slasher flicks or suspenseful thrillers, zombies or vampires, the designs are often paying homage to iconic characters that defined the horror genre as we know it today. There aren’t many places where you can find one design that groups together the best killer clowns, axe murderers, possessed dolls and other demonic entities all in one place!

    If you or anyone you know is looking for a graphic hoodie that really appeals to your diverse taste in horror fiction then these hoodies will surely get the job done. They’re the perfect kind of apparel to help you get pumped up for this year’s upcoming Halloween, or even just to help get you in the mood to marathon a few horror movies with some friends.