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  • Funny Popsicle Pun Sweatshirt

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  • Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you love ice cream and its limitless amount of flavors? Then you will be ecstatic when you check out these adorable and irresistible ice cream styled hoodies and sweatshirts. Much like with ice cream itself there are so many different styles and flavors that you may have issues deciding on which one to settle with. Thankfully that’s part of the fun of ice cream!

    Ice cream comes in all different kinds of shapes, colors and flavors so these ice cream hoodies stay true to the essence of ice cream by providing many different designs that reflect the icy cold sweetness of ice cream. Several soft pastel colors like bright pink, baby blue, bright yellow and more come together to recreate the calming sensation of chowing down on a cone or bowl of delicious ice cream.

    Every one of these hoodies is made from a hybrid blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. This makes these ice cream hoodies have a very soft and comforting feel on the skin but also gives them enough durability so that the fabric and the designs will survive hundreds of wash cycles and last for many years.

    There are also a few customization options available to you so you can have extra control over how you want your ice cream hoodie to look. You can have the ice cream graphic design displayed on either the front or the back. Each of these hoodies are available in several colors and several sizes as well from small to 2XL. They are heavyweight sweatshirts as well which makes them perfect choices for people who like their hoodies to feel like body blankets, and the ribbed cuffs allows you to roll up the sleeves and keep them in place whenever you wish.

    Whether you’re a fan of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or mint, and whether you like your ice cream designs to have adorable little smiles or silly looking hats and mustaches, there’s definitely a perfect ice cream hoodie out there that will match your sensibilities best.