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  • Women’s Fleece Zip Up Maternity & Baby Carrier Hoodie

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  • Shopping for maternity clothes can sometimes be a headache but these highly practical Mommy Baby hoodies are a must have for any woman currently nursing a newborn baby boy or girl.

    There are many things that make these Mommy Baby hoodies a spectacular choice but what is by far their best feature is the carrying pouch they all have in the center. This extra soft pouch is the perfect way to carry around your newborn infant in a very comfortable and safe manner.

    Each of these fleece zip up hoodies comes with two main sections. One is the hoodie for the mom and the other is the baby carrying hoodie itself. This makes these Mommy Baby hoodies very versatile by giving you the option to use it as a standard zip up hoodie or transform it into a carrying hoodie that will keep your child snug and safe.

    It goes without saying that these Mommy Baby hoodies are exceptionally soft and comfortable for both the mother and the baby. All of these hoodies are made entirely out of fleece, which makes them incredibly soft and perfect for a variety of seasonal weather. They’re also the perfect clothing item to wear in a number of situations. Whether you’re walking around the house doing some chores or shopping at the mall, these Mommy Baby hoodies are a fantastic way to make sure you can get some work done while always keeping a close motherly eye on your baby.

    The baby carrier add-on even contains its own small hood so that both you and your baby can be as snug as possible, be it during rainfall or for some soft cuddling on a couch indoors.

    New mothers always spend so much time holding their children close to them, so grabbing yourself a Mommy Baby carrying pouch hoodie is a no-brainer as it will only make your cuddling and carrying even more enjoyable.