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  • Rose Patch Pullover Sweatshirt

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  • A good hoodie should be capable of making its owner feel warm, cozy and calm. That’s why these rose hoodies are a no-brainer, especially for fans of gardening or flora. There are few things in life more calming than flowers, and a rose is an iconic symbol of love and romance. This also makes it a fantastic gift for someone you care deeply for.

    Like all of the best hoodies and sweatshirts, these rose ones come in multiple sizes and are also unisex. Regardless of your height or weight, these sweatshirts will definitely be a comfortable fit. Choosing from small, medium, large, extra large or 2XL makes it easy to get the right fit for yourself or someone you have in mind. Don’t forget to feel free to pick a hoodie one or two sizes larger than your actual size if you happen to be a fan of extra baggy hoodies!

    These rose hoodies are made of a hybrid mix of both cotton and polyester. This makes them both very comfortable and durable. The wrist cuffs are ribbed which allows for easy stretching and rolling in case you need to give your arms some air to breath.

    One would think that there’s only so many designs one can come up with using only roses as opposed to multiple flowers. These hoodies display a wide variety of roses with different color palettes and different stages of blossoming. There are watercolor roses, traditional tattoo roses, rose patches, roses mid-blossom, and more. Some are made in a deep red and others in a bright pink.

    Let’s not forget about the extra customization options these hoodies give you. You can choose to have your rose displayed on the front or the back of your hoodie or sweatshirt. Additionally, you can also select the base color of the hoodie itself. If you feel that navy blue, charcoal or gray would match your rose design better than black, feel free to take advantage of this option.

    A rose hoodie is more than just a good opportunity for a Valentine’s Day gift. The rose is a symbol that still lives on even after springtime has ended. If you want a design that will still be fitting all year long, want a hoodie that will be your new main choice and are a fan of more subtle graphic designs, you should definitely pick up a rose hoodie for yourself.