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  • Sacred Geometry Zip Hoodie

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  • Looking to get yourself a new hoodie but not sure what kind of design you should go with? In that case you cannot go wrong with a hoodie or sweatshirt that depicts what is famously known as sacred geometry. These shapes and patterns have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years. As a result they are loaded with many hidden meanings and symbolism associated with religion, art movements, mythology and more.

    It can be hard to describe sacred geometry as the term is so broad and therefore encompasses so many different symbols across so many different cultures. Sacred geometry can be associated with buildings, religious structures and even mathematical concepts and principles. There really is no end to what sacred geometry can look like or represent as it is an endless rabbit hole.

    More importantly, sacred geometrical shapes can produce some of the most eye-catching designs one can hope to find on a piece of clothing. Because the patterns and structures are so elaborate, a sacred geometry hoodie can end up being extremely mesmerizing and hypnotic. Not only will you not want to stop looking at your sacred geometry hoodie, but neither will your friends or family!

    Let’s not forget that a good hoodie needs to be able to last you as long as possible, from both a practical and artistic standpoint. In other words, a good hoodie should be durable and last as many years and laundry cycles as possible, but it should also sport a visual design that is as universal and timeless as possible so that you’ll always be in the mood to wear it and show it off.

    That’s why sacred geometry hoodies are such a great choice for sweatshirts because they have designs that go back potentially thousands of years. These patterns and geometrical shapes have truly stood the test of time as they have fascinated religious leaders, philosophers, mathematicians and scientists with their ability to give shape to the natural laws of the universe.

    At the end of the day, sacred geometry hoodies are a fantastic way to have a piece of clothing that is truly a part of something bigger. These shapes and patterns may have a huge air of mystery surrounding them, but that’s part of what makes them so enticing and so irresistible. If you want a hoodie that will easily catch the eye of anyone around you then a sacred geometry hoodie is the way to go.