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  • Samurai Tattoo Hoodie

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  • The samurai are by far some of the most iconic warriors in all of human history. They are practically synonymous with their elegant masks and armor designs which gives them an extremely unique yet easily identifiable look. The samurai are so eye-catching that it only makes sense for anyone to want to own a samurai hoodie for themselves. With your very own samurai hoodie, you will be able to showcase the art and aesthetics of these legendary warriors for yourself.

    Part of what makes the samurai aesthetic unique is that it can convey either a sense of fierce discipline in battle or the calm, zen-like qualities that are often attributed to these warriors. The samurai are special kinds of soldiers, not just because they can be relentless in battle but also because they strictly followed the Bushido code which heavily emphasized honor, duty, patriotism, and proper ethical conduct.

    For example, many depictions of samurai are done in black and white. This is especially true for many famous samurai action movies. This helps convey a sense of the far distant past. However, many samurai art styles can actually be exquisitely colorful. This is in part because the samurai over the centuries have become a big part of Japanese folklore and mythology. As a result, samurai are often involved in stories that depict fantastical demons (or “yokai” in Japanese).

    The samurai are also known for their famous mempo masks with red wrinkly faces and large demon-like teeth. Many of the samurai hoodies you’ll see have these famous masks as they are an important part of samurai visuals and conduct. Many artists over the centuries have depicted these famous masks in a variety of ways and they have become a famous item to draw or paint.

    Most importantof all, who can forget that the samurai are famous for their love of tattoo art? This aspect of their lives was so important that it continues to influence modern Japanese aesthetics and sensibilities to this day, whether we’re talking modern painters or even the yakuza mafia.

    The samurai would often acquire extremely elaborate tattoos that would cover much of their bodies, including all of their backs and even both of their arms at times. These tattoos would be oozing with symbolism, often depicting ornate scenes of nature along with spirit animals that the warrior would identify with such as vipers, fish, dragons and more.

    These tattoos were by far the number one reason why samurai aesthetics are the way they are today, and many of these samurai hoodies take direct inspiration from the tattoo preferences of samurai 500 years ago. If you want to be a part of this incredible tradition and have some beautiful artwork for yourself that embodies ethical duty and a fierce warrior spirit, you need to get yourself one of these beautiful samurai hoodies as soon as possible!