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  • Smoke hoodie (rainbow)

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  • Looking for a new hoodie or sweatshirt that is simple in its execution but still manages to depict a hypnotic image? Then a new and durable smoke hoodie may very well be the new item you have been looking for. Smoke is one of those things that people never get bored looking at. Why not take advantage of that and acquire one of these cool looking smoke hoodies for yourself?

    The fascinating thing about smoke is the way that it moves unpredictably. It swirls and dances around and can instantly instill a sense of calmness in anyone who gets caught up in its hypnotizing ways. While someone might think it is impossible to capture the essence of smoke in a still image imprinted on a piece of clothing, one would be surprised at just how enigmatic a smoke hoodie can really look.

    The thing about smoke itself is that it is infinitely malleable. It can be depicted in a massive range of shapes, sizes and even colors. That makes smoke a surprisingly artistic thing to have depicted on hoodies and sweatshirts. You can find yourself a smoke hoodie that is black and white or extremely colorful like the rainbow – the choice is yours.

    Another great thing about smoke hoodies is that they can fit in with so many different situations. These smoke designs are eye-catching in the most subtle of ways and won’t appear too gaudy or obnoxious when you are out with friends or family. Plus, because smoke is such a universal phenomenon, it will remain a timeless image. That means that a smoke hoodie will never go out of fashion. This is a good thing as these high quality smoke hoodies are meant to become your new mains sweatshirt and last you years and years.

    At the end of the day, a smoke hoodie is a fantastic choice for someone looking for a new sweatshirt. The designs are universally enjoyed but subdued enough so that you won’t have anything that looks like it is dying for too much attention. They are versatile and diverse, but subtle and understated. That makes them a great choice for someone who knows they have a good fashion sense but doesn’t want to show it off too much. Put on one of these hoodies and just try to find someone who doesn’t enjoy its looks!