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  • Tree of Life Sweatshirt

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  • The tree of life is one of the most enduring and well-known mythological symbols of all time. It simultaneously represents the birth of all life as well as its deep symbolism that is tied up with reincarnation, oneness with the universe and peace among all people. The tree of life is such a successful and fundamental concept that it has been used in countless religions and myths, making it one of the most important symbols in all of culture. And now you can own your very own tree of life hoodie that represents all of this important and historic knowledge.

    One might ask just how effective could a tree of life hoodie design even work – it is after all just a big tree. Doesn’t everyone already know what a big tree looks like?

    Fortunately, the tree of life is more complex than that. The tree of life has been depicted artistically in countless different fashions. This is because, as mentioned before, that many religious groups all over the world have taken the concept and represented it a little differently each time. As a result, the tree of life has been known to be drawn or painted in several different ways despite still symbolizing the same core concepts and symbols.

    One of the most famous examples of the tree of life is a giant globe with both the branches on top and the roots on the bottom forming a large circle. There are also more vertical depictions of the tree of life that show elongated and highly complex structures emerging from its leaves and roots.

    The tree of life is also known to appear alongside many different kinds of symbols and runes depending on which tradition, religion or mythology the particular incarnation is associated with.

    In other words, there are many different ways to have the tree of life depicted on a hoodie, and every single one of them is just as sublime and magical as the last one.

    The tree of life is known to symbolize many different things and that’s also part of the magic of having a tree of life hoodie for yourself. You can interpret its meaning however you like. A tree of life hoodie can mean family or individuality, strength or peace, connection with the world or connection with yourself. Regardless of what you choose to see in it, a tree of life hoodie is undoubtedly a fantastic way to have a new piece of fashion that speaks to the core values that you consider the most important in your own life.