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  • Animal LOVE Women’s Zip Hoodie

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  • WAG is a term that has had a few evolving meanings or connotations over the years but at the end of the day it simply refers to wives and girlfriends. Anyone who is or has a wife or girlfriend should pay mind to this collection of hoodies and sweatshirts as they are designed to have the perfect style for cozy and relaxing moments.

    WAG hoodies feature a wide variety of designs but at the end of the day, they all contain the nurturing vibe that every loving girlfriend gives to their partner. Themes of love, cute pets and anything that instantly makes you feel heart warmed are the concepts behind these cute WAG themed hoodies. Men who are attracted to these designs don’t have to worry because they are available in male sizes too!

    These hoodies are made out of 100% fleece cotton which makes them extraordinarily soft to the skin. Wearing one of these will easily make you irresistible, making them an invaluable tool when you really want your sweetheart to wrap themselves around you and never let go.

    Not only are these hoodies lovely and comforting but they are quite practical as well. Many of these WAG hoodies come with front pouches and zippers in addition to hoods. They are also available in several pastel colors that are very easy on the eyes like light charcoal, baby blue, pink and more. They’re also lightweight and slim and are wonderful for keeping you feeling feminine, but don’t let that stop you from picking a larger size if you’re a fan of the more baggy hoodie feel.

    Entering the perfect state of coziness requires all the right tools, especially if you are in the mood to have a relaxing day indoors on the couch. Having the perfect clothes is essential to make these serene moments all the better. Make sure you equip yourself with one of these ultra soft WAG hoodies so your weekends will be as comfortable as possible.