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  • 3D Unisex Wolf Hoodie with Pocket

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  • If there’s any animal that is worthy of sporting on your clothes, a wolf has got to be the ultimate one. The wolf is such a popular spirit animal because it’s so similar to our domesticated dogs. But they carry with them a wild and untamed energy that no other animal can equally embody. That same mystique is portrayed on these glorious 3D printed wolf hoodies.

    The benefit of these 3D digital printed designs is that the entire hoodie will be covered in these magnificent visuals. So many hoodies will only display their designs on the front of the hoodie, but these intricate wolf hoodies will have every inch of the hoodie displaying these animals and their natural habitats. With one of these, you’ll be able to proudly show off the energy of this special animal on every inch of your hoodie.

    The colors on these hoodies are very vibrant and eye catching. The wolves themselves are printed in very large portraits so that every inch of their profile is clearly visible. The 3D printing is of such a high quality that you can be sure that the colors will not fade after many years even when put in the washing machine.

    These are unisex hoodies that come in several sizes and will easily fit anyone. Not only are they a good fit but they are very comfortable as well. The polyester and spandex materials work together to create a very soft silky feeling. The sleeves are also very stretchy and can be rolled up or stretched out so you can have the perfect kind of comfort you’re looking for.

    If you’re looking for a big hoodie that will become your main choice during chilly nights or cozy nights indoors, one of these wolf hoodies will be a fantastic choice. Who doesn’t want to look cool while feeling warm?