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  • Wormhole Hoodie

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  • One of the most enigmatic images associated with science and space has got to be the wormhole. These cyclical combinations of stardust and light are the stuff that makes up our universe!

    While there’s no denying that the cyclical shape and astonishing combination of colors is part of what makes wormholes so addictive to look at, there’s a more important reason that makes them a perfect fit for hoodies: the ability to use 3D printing. You really cannot think of a better thing to have printed on a hoodie thanks to the swirling and all-encompassing nature of wormholes.

    Imagine your very own hoodie where literally every single inch of it is covered in a spectacular blast of galactic colors. This can only be achieved by having a wormhole hoodie made from 3D printing technology. The sleeves, the cuffs and even the pullup hood itself will be covered in a colorful wormhole. That makes these hoodies some of the most gorgeous sweatshirts ever made.

    Many people often think of the universe and outer space as nothing but pure blackness and darkness but the fact of the matter is that even the farthest reaches of space contain beauty and sublime instances of nature. These wormhole hoodies can help remind you and others that while the universe can be a massive and scary place, it can also leave you speechless and breathless in a positive way.

    If you or someone you know is a huge fan of science, outer space or even astrophysics then a wormhole hoodie would make a perfect gift. It perfectly embodies what makes studying outer space so fascinating and beautiful. Plus, there is no denying that it also makes some incredibly beautiful designs that are hypnotic to look at.

    A wormhole hoodie could also be a great gift for someone who is a huge fan of science fiction. Wormhole theory and how it relates to interstellar travel and space-time is one of the most iconic aspects of sci-fi. That means a wormhole hoodie could be a fantastic addition to the wardrobe of someone who loves Star Trek, Star Wars or any science fiction franchise that takes place in outer space.

    At the end of the day, wormhole hoodies combine so many elements into one single image. They manage to be scientific yet artistic at the same time, and you can’t say that about many things these days.